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Reshma Femme Cleanser & Exfoliator Mask 2.12oz UBTAN

Reshma Ubtan is an all-natural product that beautifies and exfoliates skin by removing toxins, which in-turn leaves skin with a healthy glow. Reshma Ubtan contains a special blend of herbs, such as turmeric, a key ingredient containing many medicinal and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ubtan helps remove dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes and leaves skin soft, smooth and radiant.

There is an age-old tradition in India that follows Ubtan. Before her wedding, the bride-to-be prepares for her new life by enjoying a night of celebration where her girl friends apply Ubtan all over her body, as it is believed that the next she is glowing and most beautiful for her wedding day.

The boxes include:Ubtan powder

Because Ubtan is in the purest powder form, the product has unlimited shelf life and never expires.

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