Reshma Henna Oil Treatment for NORMAL HAIR 3oz




Normal Oil

Reshma? Henna Oil Treatment for Normal Hair is a deep conditioning treatment that adds luster, shine, body and volume to the hair to maintain healthy growth. Keeps your hair nourished and glistening in the healthiest possible way. Reshma Henna Oil Treatment will help make your hair soft, shiny, silky, strong and smooth. It is made from all Natural Cinnamon oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Henna Extract and Clove oil


Cinnamon oil is best used to prevent hair breakage and reduce the amount of hair that falls out. Olive oil is truly a powerhouse when it comes to hair, skin and beauty applications. Its rich, moisturizing properties make it ideal for use on your hair. Almond oil has been recommended as a hair growth agent for centuries. It is often used in people who have issues with hair loss or breakage. Clove oil is a natural wonder and it is actually found in volumizing and thickening shampoos. It can also treat the scalp and dandruff. Henna Extract is known as a great natural remedy for hair health since it is rich in many nutrients essential for our hair growth. Henna products are very rich in natural proteins similar to the ones we have in our hair shafts, so using henna oil for hair care can provide us with improved hair health and reduce our risks of suffering from hair loss.

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